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Tortuga Tails Pinball from is one of the newest pinball games so if you are a fan of the fun series you are going to have a great time playing through this fun game. The game is really fun to play and features some stunning 3d graphics because it was designed in the unity 3d games engine so you know that it's going to look great on your screen. The music is really great and all the pirate themes are really fun. If you are into pinball games and love pirate movies you are going to have a blast playing through this fun game with all your friends. You will need to launch your ball on the pinball table and hit all the pirate ships to earn points. The more you hit them, the more points you are going to get so do your best to hit as many as possible if you want to get a new high score and advance further to the next round. You need to keep the ball on the table for as long as possible and make sure you don't let it fall off or you will loose life points. Enjoy!


Use the keyboard to play this game

This game was added on 30.07.2014 | Was played by 1360 times

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