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Game description DINO JUMPS

We welcome you to another new dinosaur game ! Like most dinosaur games this one features a cute little dinosaur that is on a quest through the Stoneage. His name is Barnie and he loves to play around with his friends. Barnie spends all his days jumping around and collecting all sorts of stuff. Today you are going to join him in a jumping session through Dinoland. That might sound fun but is actually kind off dangerous an requires a lot of attention and coordination. Barnie the dinosaur has to reach his cousin's house, he lives on the other side of Dinoland so he has to jump his way there. Try to guide Barbie across all the obstacles he encounters and collect all the coins a long the way. Use the coins to buy different upgrades for Barnie and make sure you keep him safe at all costs. The game might start off easy but is will get faster and more difficult as you advance to later levels. Your enemies will try to stand in your way but you can always dodge them or.. jump over them. Take your time to get used to the controls and make sure that Barnie jumps his way through one of the best dinosaur games. Have fun !


Use the mouse to move left right direction dinosaur Dino and left click to perform jumps.

This game was added on 02.12.2013 | Was played by 1691 times

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