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Game description BUBBLE SKY

It's a bright and sunny day outside. It's the type of day that puts a big smile on your face as you pass through the park. Look up there ! What could that be? There's a bubble sky today it seems. There is nothing more beautiful than a bubble sky so let's have some fun. You have probably played ball games before so you should be familiar with the easy and fun concept of these online bubble games. All you have to do is shoot bubbles in the air and aim for the sky. Try to form groups of identical bubbles according to their colour to make them vanish so you can have a clear sky again and earn points. These bubbly games have a lot in common with logic games because you have to think your every move ahead and figure out the best solution. Take your time to get used to the bubbles and calculate your angle precisely to hit the target. You start off easy but the game gets harder as you progress to further levels. Pass all the levels and make all the bubbles vanish to earn bonus points. Post your high score and challenge all your friends.


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This game was added on 18.12.2013 | Was played by 1931 times

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