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Game description THE ALIEN ESCAPE

A new funny alien escape the room game, this one is called The Alien Escape, or how other might know it, as Be Aline. The game was created by Functu and shared with Be Games and it is a funny game that will make you smile at the adventures of the little green alien. The game is obviously part of the Escape Games Category and although it is not a scary escape game, it is nevertheless an entertaining one. In this escape from the alien ship game, you play the role of a little green alien that was abducted by some other aliens and kept as a prisoner for their own purposes. The little green alien has to find a way out of the spaceship in order to save himself and disrupt the plans of the evil aliens. Your mission is to help the little alien escape the many complicated room of the spaceship while at the same time avoid encountering the guards. Using only the mouse, you need to click on various buttons, switch levels and open doors in order to escape the alien ship safe and sound. Try the other escape games online fro the same category and find the one for you.


Use the mouse to help the little green alien escape.

This game was added on 04.08.2014 | Was played by 1667 times

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