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Game description TATTOO BRIDE

Help our dear Tattoo Bride today in the newest tattoo games online on and start having some fun in the newest tattoo games free. This young lady is getting married today and because the tattoos are really in style this year she wants to get a new one for this special occasion. She wants a tattoo that resembles her love for her future husband. She needs a great design and only you can help her out. If you are a talented person you will have no problem at all finding the best tattoo for her today. Play the game through all the rounds and create the perfect tattoo model and pattern so her wedding day will be a great day. She needs a stylish and fashionable tattoo so make sure she gets what she wants. After trying out different types of dressses on her pick the best looking one for her wedding and make sure you give her a tattoo to match it. Enjoy playing through all the fun stages and create the best looking tattoo you can today. Finish off the whole deal with some flowers and the tattoo bride will surely enjoy her wedding day.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 23.06.2014 | Was played by 1300 times

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