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A new escape game inspired by a TV show from Nickelodeon called Avatar the Last Airbender. The game can be found in the Escape Games Category where there are many more cute, and exiting, sometimes even scary escape game available for all ages and tastes. The name of this game is Avatar Elemental Escape and it is a fun adventure game where you must use teamwork as a way to break free from the dangers surrounding you. The story in this game starts as Aang, Katara and Toph are taken prisoners by the Fire Nation, on board of their armored ship. Now the three must use their innate bender abilities to make i to the upper deck of the ship and escape the clutches of the fire guards. In this game, you can move your characters simply using the arrows from the keyboards, while jumping with the up arrow key. you can switch among the three characters by using the Z or X keys and use their abilities accordingly, such as the water whip of Katara, the jumping strength of Aang and the power of crumbling walls of Toph. Have fun with the latest escape games online, right here in this same category.


Use the keyboard as instructed in the game.

This game was added on 04.08.2014 | Was played by 1741 times

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