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Game description FIRE IN TOWN

Fire in Town is a fun and new game from the firefighter games series that you will surely enjoy playing on so let's have some fun! If you enjoy playing fire fighting games you are going to love playing through this new and fun one because it has everything you would expect. The game play is smooth, the graphics is fun in a cartoon way and the sound track is really great also. You will play as a team of fire fighters that need to save all the people from a burning building as fast as possible. You will have to catch all the people that are jumping from their windows to evade the fire and get them to safety. You can also catch different types of furniture because you can earn some extra cash from them. Use the cash in the game shop and buy different types of upgrades for your fire fighters. Do your best to get as many points as you can in each level and save all the people from getting burned alive. Play with all your friends and experience the joy of being a fire fighter in the newest firefighting games.


Use the arrow keys to play this game

This game was added on 03.10.2014 | Was played by 1697 times

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