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Escape Snowy Mountain is a game made by Selfdefiant at and has even made it on, that was placed in the Escape Games Category. In this game, you play as the sole survivor of a plane crash up on a snowy mountain. The aim of the game is to keep yourself healthy and find a way down the mountain in the fastest way, so you can stay alive. The gameplay is quite simple and as with many other escape games, you just need to use the mouse and by clicking on certain items, you can find a way to escape the treacherous and dangerous snowy mountain. In this game you get to play with the fire that was left on the plane from the accident, use different tools to break open boxes and more, all in order to save yourself. Try out the newest escape games online in this category, and as some might be charming and funny, other might be scary escape games, all available for you and your friends to be played at no charge. Try these fun games and find the ones you like best for you and your friends, all online on .


Use the mouse to click on different objects, collect them, use them or modify them.

This game was added on 01.08.2014 | Was played by 1832 times

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