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Game description THE KEYS OF FREEDOM

Joe Benton made a cute escape game for kids and adults alike, this game is named The Keys of Freedom and it is part of the Escape Games Category that you can find on this website at . In this same category there are tens of enchanting and sometimes scary escape games online which are just what you need if you are up for a little challenge. In this game as well, you must use your mouse to click on the different objects, open and close doors, pull curtains, use certain object and solve codes, all made with the single purpose of letting you escape from the room you are locked into. Try yourself this funny and cute escape game and try all the other escape games to see which do you like best. You can also play thousands of free games online, updated frequently, games that can be placed into different categories, such as racing games, Barbie games, logic games, chess games, and many more. All these games are free to play and online, meaning that the only thing that you need to be able to play this game, is a computer connected to the internet.


Use the mouse to click on different objects and find hidden items.

This game was added on 01.08.2014 | Was played by 1729 times

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