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The game called Escape from Detention is brought to you by Games 2 Win and it can be found in the Escape Games Category, on this gaming website for kids. In this same category, you can play various new escape games, some scary while others funny and even magical. These escape games are a fun way to spend your free time with while at the same time, you can practice your attention to detail skills and have fun in the various adventures and stories from these games. Sometimes you are trapped in a huge cage, while other times you might be trapped in your own dream world. There are also games where you are chased by criminal and psychopaths or where you want to escape from somewhere just for the fun of it. This last example is exactly what this game is all about. In this particular game, you play a baddie who has gotten detention for all the pranks you pulled at school, and now you want to show the teachers and anyone who is willing to listen, that the four walls surrounding the detention hall are not able to stop you from getting away. Enjoy this fun escape game right here in the Escape Games Category.


Use the mouse to click on objects and make events happen.

This game was added on 01.08.2014 | Was played by 1992 times

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