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Game description TENNIS SMASH

Are you ready for a round of tennis? If you love playing tennis you are going to love playing the new Tennis Smash tournament today for free! Start practicing the newest tennis techniques and do your best to keep up with all of your opponents in the smash tournament. Pick your favorite player and start practicing all your shots until you feel ready for the big game. Play through all the fun levels online with all of your friends and try to do your best to win the tournamnet as fast as possible. To win, you are going to have to score more points that the other team and doing this is not going to be easy because your opponents will keep on gettin stronger and faster as you progress so try to hit the ball in their court as much as possible. Play online through all the difficulty levels and try to beat the game on all of them to score some extra bonus points that you can later on use to buy better tennis gear. Enjoy the new and fun tennis smash game online and try to win the gold cup as soon as you get the opportunity.


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This game was added on 13.08.2014 | Was played by 1437 times

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