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This game called Escape the Apartment was brought to you by Gamers Hood and it is a simple and cartoonish game where you must try your hardest to escape from a locked apartment. The game starts as you find yourself looked in what seems to be a basement or a bigger closet. Near you there are only a few things that can help you escape and even those have to be unlocked. The game is part of the Escape Games Category, where you can find new escape games online some scary while some funny, these escape games are always a pleasure to play if you're looking for a little challenge. These games are a great opportunity for you and your friends to keep your mind trained and to develop a greater attention to detail as well as a logical way of thinking. In this game, you must find clues and items that will help you escape from the locked room and eventually from the locked apartment. Enjoy the many fun and interesting games from the same category and have fun alone or together with your friends by unveiling mysteries and much more in the newest escape games available online for free.


Use the mouse to find clues and objects that will help you escape.

This game was added on 01.08.2014 | Was played by 2143 times

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