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Game description DUMMY SNEAK OUT

The game is entitled Dummy Sneak out and it was created by Abroy.com. The game can now be found in the Escape Games Category where there are the newest escape games online available for you and your friends, to play to your hearts content. Whether you like scary escape games or funny ones, you can find many types here in this category. In this funny game, a test crash dummy has had enough of being hit and tested upon, and decides to escape from the factory. Your mission is to help the little crash dummy sneak out without getting any injuries that will hinder him outside and without getting caught. In this game, you will have to go through the different rooms of the factory and find your way out by using the items that you can find at your disposal. Try out the new funny escape games from Abroy and not only, here in the Escape Games Category. Use your great intuition and grab the items that you can to help you out. If you need to combine an items, this will combine by itself once you have all the items in your inventory. Enjoy this funny crash dummy escape game.


Use the mouse to help the Crash Dummy sneak out of the factory.

This game was added on 01.08.2014 | Was played by 1744 times

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