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Game description LIKE A NIGHTMARE

This game is called Like A Nightmare and it was created by Omiralo with the help of other contributors. This game is a scary yet charming escape game where you play as Asuka, a university student. In this game, Asuka who is tired of the same usual things that happen in real life, wishes that she will forever stay in a dream world. Unfortunately for her, her wish comes true when she is whisked away in a dream world called Reverie. At the beginning, she things that she was kidnapped but it soon turns out that things aren't just as simple. Over time she will get to meet various monsters and more, including the Prince of Broken Throne, who is the one who brought her to Reverie, and his helpful servants. In this game, you must carefully go through the mansion in which you are in and try to find a way back to the real world before Reverie become real for you. This charming game is part of the Escape Games category, where you can find other scary escape games along with funny and cute ones as well. Try your hand at this one and see just how far can you make it.


Use the mouse to play Like a Nightmare. If the game doesn't start, right click on the game screen and choose play.

This game was added on 31.07.2014 | Was played by 2045 times

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