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Game description PHARAOHS BREAK OUT brings you a fun new escape game online which can be played whenever you feel like it. The game is called Pharaohs Break Out and it is a cute escape game where you must help the toy Pharaoh escape from the Mall. Join the toy Pharaoh in his adventures through the many shops of the mall and help him find his way to the outside world. In this cute game, you need to pick up items and use them in the right way. The items will combine on their own but you still need to take car where you click. Some items will transform in weapons while others will help you get rid of some nasty obstacles in your way. Try this cute escape game and have fun as you travel through the mall. This game is part of the Escape Games Category, where you can find many other escape games online, some scary while other funny escape games, nevertheless, all entertaining and a pleasure to play. Find your very own favorite escape game and share it with your friends. If you want something else, check out the tens of games categories available for you and all the other players that can access this gaming website.


Use the mouse to gather items and use them.

This game was added on 31.07.2014 | Was played by 1495 times

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