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Game description STUNT MANIA 2

Come into the stunt world and find out all about stunts and the crazy action that you could go through if you enter this cool world. The life of a stunter is a difficult one. He needs to be careful all the time when he performs a trick so that he won' t put his life in danger. To perform such dangerous tricks you need to practice a lot and know well your vehicle. Check out now our new free online motorcycle game Stunt Mania 2 and discover the exciting world of super fast races and danger. The objective of the game is to perform stunts safely. The player needs to know his drivers that he can coordinate him good. While you' re in the air press the control key which is for stunts and perform it before you touch the ground. This is a fun game for all stunts fan which want to practice their skills at this dangerous type of sport. We do not recommend you try something like this at home cause it can get you into a lot of trouble and pain. Play fast and safe. Enjoy our new free online motorcycle game! Thank you for selecting it!


Use the keyboard to play this game.

This game was added on 18.12.2013 | Was played by 1101 times

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