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Game description BLUE ROOM ESCAPE

In this new Room escape game for kids, you'll find a new challenge, get ready to look for clues and solve puzzles, cause the Blue Room escape games for kids will surely put your brain to the test. Discover how to earn points, where to look for clues, use different tools, objects, mix colors and numbers, get all right until you manage to find the key which will let you escape the mysterious blue room. Even do, the fun games with escape situation has complicated situations in which you have to think big, you have to mix things or set up all the objects in the correct manner, there's a chance you need to watch the walk-through or tutorials in order to get some clues and tips, so you can solve the puzzles. There are kind of chances for you to discover on your own the perfect path to complete the game but if you also choose to play the game with your friends you'll surely get a better chance of winning, more brains, more ideas, more chances of completing the puzzle. Just like in a detective game you'll be put into situations of thinking ahead, look for details, and see what you need to use and get free. Enjoy!


Play this game using only the mouse.

This game was added on 25.06.2014 | Was played by 2363 times

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