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Game description MARIO VS SONIC

If you are a gamer you probably heard about the feud between Nintendo and Sega. They were once the most prolific gaming system available and each had it's own famous characters. There is one question than every serious games has asked himself at least once in his lifetime.. who would win in a race.. Mario of Sonic? If you enjoy both sonic games and Mario games than this is one of the best motorcycle games that a game can play. Sonic has always been known for his great speed but Mario is not slow either especially when the gets the Star. This epic confrontation brings together the most iconic gaming character in history and puts them head to head in a bike race. Choose your side, play as the friendly hedgehog or the famous plumber from Mushroom Kingdom in the race of your life. To make the race a fair one the choose to race riding bikes and only the rider's skill can determine the true winner. Take your time to get used to the controls and start racing in this fun exciting flash game. So, who will it be? Mario or Sonic? Who is the ultimate game character of all time?


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This game was added on 19.12.2013 | Was played by 1597 times

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