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Game description MY LITTLE PONY PUZZLE

This My Little Pony puzzle game called My Little Pony Puzzle was brought to you by Grace Girls Games and it has a total of 3 different puzzles that you can play. This My Little Pony free game is part of the My Little Pony Games Category where you can find other types of games with your favorite characters, some of the most popular ones being the My Little Pony dress up games. In this game, you have a total of three levels that you must complete in order to finish the game. Each puzzle is fun to solve but you must pay attention to the time in the left up corner of the game screen cause it won't stay still. If you are stuck or don't know where to start, you can use the hint button to show you a move. You have a total of 10 hints which you can use to help you out but for each hint you will lose 10 points from the score. Try solving these fun puzzle games and then compare your final score with those of your friends. Will you be able to finish all the puzzles before the time runs out and without using any of the hints?


Use the mouse to switch the puzzle pieces.

This game was added on 30.07.2014 | Was played by 2054 times

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