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Game description MY LITTLE PONY MEMORY

This game called My Little Pony Memory is brought to you by My Little Pony Games and it is published in the My Little Pony Games Category. In this cute game, you have a total of 6 levels one more hard then the one before. For each level, you have a certain amount of time, going from 2 minutes, as the levels grow harder so does the time increase to give you a chance to finish the level. You start with a 2x2 memory layout, meaning with two cards, and at each level the number of cards will increase. The game might seem to easy at first but it will become quite challenging, depending on the experience you have with memory games. Having said that, this game is suitable to be played by all ages as it starts with a very easy level. In this same category where this game is, there are tens of other My Little Pony free games which can be played online, some are My Little Pony cooking games, some are coloring games, puzzle games and even flying games. Have fun together with your favorite pony characters from the great animated movies with My Little Pony.


Use the mouse to flip the cards and match them.

This game was added on 30.07.2014 | Was played by 2668 times

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