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Game description TURTLES RACING

Everyone loves animals. Some are cat lovers, some dog lovers and others like different types of animals. Turtles have also a special place as pets. You can keep them in an aquarium and they won' t bother you. But what do you when you meet some pretty big nasty turtles like the Ninja squad? Relax, cause everybody knows that the four friends are very friendly and their job is to protect the people from the criminals. In order to do that better they decide to try some new vehicles. So they bought some pretty cool super fast motor cross bikes which will help them move easier in the town and chase the crooks. To improve themselves they need to practice a lot. To do that with them play now our new free fun online motorcycle game Turtles racing. Enter the exciting world of super fast bikes and unbelievable stunts. Dare to play our new game? The levels are hard an the road is tricky. Watch out when you ride cause you might get hurt. We don' t want that happening. Collect all pizza slices which will fill up the energy. Make more stunts and you will get more points. Have fun playing our new game!


Use the keyboard to play the game.

This game was added on 19.12.2013 | Was played by 1605 times

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