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Game description OLAF AT THE DENTIST

In the Frozen games category you will find only the best games and this time we post this new Olaf at the denstist game, a game created by agnesgames.com that you will love to play. We know how much you love the Frozen characters and we offer you new games with them. This time Olaf is the main character in this game where you will have to help him make his teeth white, clean and healthy again. More Disney Frozen Olaf games and other Disney Elsa games you will find posted in this category and you can play them all. In this game Olaf pays a visit to the dentist and you will have to check his teeth and repair them. SEE how good of a doctor would you be and test your dental healing skills on Olaf. You will have to clean his teeth and make sure you cover those holes. Olaf is a big fan of sweets and he will have serious problems if you don't treat him right. After you cleaned his teeth you will have to take out the ones that are all black and replace them with new bright white ones that will make his smile glow in the dark.


Use the mouse to play this game.

This game was added on 29.07.2014 | Was played by 2201 times

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