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Game description SCOOBY DOO CAR CHASE

Play the new scooby doo car chase game online in the scooby doo games category online and start solving some mysteries with everyone's favorite detective dog online for free. Today's mystery implies a car chase and you will use the mystery machine to track down all the ghouls and ghosts in a high speed chase. Take your time and chase them down the road until you finally reach them to unmask them. You will need to travel from high way to high way in search for all these evil ghouls so do your best to keep up with them if you want to get enough points for a new high score. Chase them down on all the streets and try to do a great job in each of the levels or the criminals will get away. Enjoy playing through all the fun levels of this scooby doo adventure and have fun chasing down all the ghosts with Scooby and the gang. You can collect scooby snacks along the way because these will reward you with extra bonus points that you can later on use to buy upgrades for your mystery van to make it faster and more stable. Enjoy and have fun!



This game was added on 26.06.2014 | Was played by 1511 times

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