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Game description RUN RUN SCOOBY

Are you ready for a new adventure from the Scooby Doo games category? This new game was created by and it is called Run run Scooby. You will love to play this action game where you wil have to help Scooby eat as much burgers as he can and go as far as he can. If you are a big fan of the Scooby Doo games we have some good news for you: you will find more Scooby Doo games online free and some other Scooby Doo cooking games online in this category and you can play them all. Also, you will find some Scooby Doo coloring games if you look carefully. We have all sorts of games and we add new ones every day so you won't ever get bored. In this game you will have to help Scooby run away from the ghosts. The only problem is that the track he is running on is made up of different parts and between the parts is a big gap where he could fall. Help him jump from one part to another because when he falls the game is over. On his way help Scooby eat all the burgers to have more points.


Use the space bar to make Scooby jump.

This game was added on 29.07.2014 | Was played by 1231 times

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