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Another fun game from Druid14, this one is called Applejack Horseshoe Toss and the game is part of the My Little Pony Games Category. In this game, you need to help Applejack practice her horseshoe toss. In this game category you can find various My Little Pony free games for kids of all ages such as My Little Pony dress up games, puzzle games and even hidden numbers games. This particular game is rather simple to play. You must use the mouse to click on the Toss button at the left top corner of the game screen in order to guide Applejack on when she should throw the horseshoe. However you must pay attention to the power meter that keeps filling and emptying. You must find the perfect balance of power so the horseshoe will go where it should. Otherwise, Applejack will throw too far or too close to her and not hit the mark. Try your hand at this cute game and have fun with the numerous other My Little Pony games which you can find here. If you're in the mood for something else, you cal always check out the newest games or browse through the tens of other categories full of fun online games.


Use the mouse to play Applejack Horseshoe Toss.

This game was added on 29.07.2014 | Was played by 2386 times

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