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Game description ZEBRA ZOU PIRATE

Hello kids, animal lovers, this game will make you love zebras more. You see what fun it is to collect money with zebra jumping on a boat to another. Attention to bird, she wants to steal the money raised but if you avoid contact with it, nothing happens, you stay with the same amount. You must collect as many coins as you ca until the end of the game. Help yourself with the arrow keys to move back and forth or to jump and climb. If you jump in the water there's no problem, the game will reposition you on the boat that you were on. Jump and climb after the coins to collect them and you will have a large sum of money. Zebra is very cute and let your hand so not disappointed, do a good job with it in this game and beyond. You will see that there are others games in this category as Interesting as this one that you can play together with your friends.Zebra zou pirate keeps you focused and brings you and your friends closer as you play. This is one of the best games available online free, so enjoy it together !


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This game was added on 25.08.2014 | Was played by 1441 times

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