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Game description NEON CAR JUMPING

The future is here! You have probably read a few science fiction books in your lifetime or at least you've seen a SF movie so you probably expect that the future will bring a whole new meaning to care racing and car jumping. Cars will no longer be fuelled with gas but will most likely be neon powered. If you enjoy car driving games than neon racing games will surely please you too. Join the fun in this new fast action packed car game and learn how to drive the car of the future. Car racing will be very different by today's standard so instead of racing across a track neon car jumping tournaments will be held. Start off by getting used to you neon powered car and try to perform a couple of routine jumps until you consider yourself ready for the big race. After you are familiar with the neon technology start racing across different types of levels to earn points. Each level requires you to jump over different obstacles using neon. Use the neon wisely and try to pass every level on your first try. Each level will bring new challenges and new obstacles so be careful!


Use the arrow keys to play this game

This game was added on 23.12.2013 | Was played by 1753 times

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