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Game description TOETRIX

We are playing ball games since we were little kids. Ball games include different types of games such as: hand ball games, foot ball games and logical ball games. The last category is the most interactive cause it puts your mind at work. It' s challenging when you have to make some moves and decide the best place and position where to move everything. If you want to play an interesting ball game check out now our new free online logic ball game Toetrix and start having fun with two funny white balls. Your main objective is to clear all balls from the screen. You have a certain number of moves which you can make in order to clear each level. The game comes with different difficulty levels and tasks. In order to pass each level you need a certain number of points and accomplish each task that each level has. Want to see how fun that could be? Play now our new game and have fun while trying to move the balls. At the beginning of the game you will see some instructions that will help you play easier each level. Follow the rules and you will win this exciting game. Thank you for choosing our new free online ball game!


Use the mouse to play this game.

This game was added on 23.12.2013 | Was played by 1296 times

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