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Game description T BO AND HIS FRUIT TOSS

A new addition to the iCarly Games Category, this game is called T Bo and His Fruit Toss and it is a fun throwing game with your favorite iCarly show characters and T-Bo. In this game, you must use your awesome throwing and aiming skills to help T-Bo dress decently in order to be able to get a room at Mrs. Benson. In the game, you must use your mouse and aim at the holes in the juice making machine in order to throw the fruits and make juice out of them, so T-Bo will be able to make more smoothies and afford to dress like a gentleman. Try your hand at this aiming and throwing game and help the iCarly crew make T-Bo look like a well dressed gentleman. At each level, you have a certain number of points that you must make in order for T-Bo to get a certain piece of clothing, be that shoes, shirt, jacket or anything else he might need. Try all the other iCarly games such as iCarly fighting games, cooking games and even dress up games. Here in this iCarly Games Category, you can find many funny games that will help you spend some time alongside your favorite characters.


Use the mouse to aim and throw the fruits in the holes in order to make more smoothies.

This game was added on 31.07.2014 | Was played by 1618 times

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