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Game description IPLAY DAILY GAME

This new game is called iPlay Daily Game and it is a cute game with the iCarly show that will let you enjoy a fun yet very short game. In this game, each day you will be able to discover a new image and video after you make a certain amount of points. In order to play this game, you must use the mouse to click and drag the thin line, to connect the blocks with the same images. Once you have reached a certain score, a video and a printable image will unlock. The aim of the game is to unlock these and have fun while doing so. Try this fun but short game and enjoy it to the fullest with the changing videos and printable images. This game is part of the iCarly Games Category, where you can find tens of games with the cast from iCarly and their friends. There are iCarly cooking games, iCarly fighting games, iCarly dress up games and more, all inspired by different episodes and characters from iCarly. Join the adventures of Sam, Freddie and Carly as they grow up and keep meeting new friends and go through various experiences in their everyday life.


Use the mouse to play iPlay Daily Game.

This game was added on 31.07.2014 | Was played by 2409 times

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