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This game is called iCarly Street Fishing and it is another segment from the iCarly Show. The game is obviously part of the iCarly Games Category and it is a funny one at that. In this game, iCarly is fishing different kinds of junk from the street such as cans of beans, pineapples, balloon puppies, fish bones, ruined boots and even George the Bra. In this game, you can see five conveyor belts with different darkened shapes on them. You must match the incoming junk to the shapes on the conveyor belts. Once a conveyor belt has all the shapes filled, it will disappear. Each level ends once all the conveyor belts have disappeared, and you make it to the next level as long as you cleared the level in time. There is of course a timer that keeps track how much time you have left, and there is also a trashcan where you can throw away things you don't need but have taken from mistake. But use with care as each junk thrown away at the trashcan will cost you 5 second from your total time. Try these new iCarly fighting games, cooking games and dress up games and enjoy them to the fullest whenever you feel like it.


Use the mouse to grab and drag in order to play this game.

This game was added on 31.07.2014 | Was played by 1656 times

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