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Game description CRAZY PENCILS

We don't call them Crazy pencils for nothing! This really crazy kids! Why? Just play this coloring game and you will see. Colours, lines, bubbles, circles, everythind at your disposal to do all kind of crazy stuff! Get started right now and see how fun it is! Just click on the color you want to use and then put the mouse on the white paper. This it! Ita all begines right now! Draw everything you want in the best way you know! Choose your favourite color to fill, drag, or just give a touch of color here and there. Imagine all you can do...houses, sees, animals, trees, objects of all kind. The possibilities are unlimited this time! And if you don't like what came out in the end, just click n the eraser and do it all over again! It is that simple! Play this game with your friends, help each other, compete and see who is better at coloring . We are sure you will have a good time and you will want to play over and over again! Feel free to do it ! Enjoy the coloring free game right now!


play this game using the mouse

This game was added on 29.08.2014 | Was played by 2149 times

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