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Game description RAD 2

A new game this time, brought by Max Games and New Grounds, this game is part of the Drawing Games Category where you can find many other drawing games online, free to play. The name of the game is Rad 2 and it is the second of this type, in this, you need to draw lines in order to help the bouncing ball reach the portal in the least amount of time. You only have a certain amount of ink that you can use in order to draw the lines to be careful where and how long you draw them. In this game, you must use the mouse to draw the lines and then press the A key to launch the ball. If you want to reset the position of the ball, you should use the S key and to reset the lines as well as the ball you should press the D key. The aim of the game is to guide the bouncing ball to the portal by using the lines. You might also come across a red screen which means that the gravity is reversed so you must pay attention of how the ball bounces in that zone. Try other coloring games online for kids, in the Coloring Games Category and have fun while trying out different types of games.


Use the mouse and the keyboard as instructed above.

This game was added on 06.08.2014 | Was played by 1239 times

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