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Game description DUPLIGON

From Crazy Monkey Games and KBaum comes another fun drawing game, this one is named Dupligon and you can find it in the Drawing Games Category. This interesting drawing game online needs you to pay attention to shapes, memorize them and then draw them in the order you think they should be drawn. for each level, you have 5 drawings that you must do the best as you can. The size of the drawings don't matter as the things that are of interest are the angles and the numbered points. At first you start with a simple three point shape, the triangle, the next level will have 4 angles and points, meaning it will be much like a square and so comes the shapes with 5 points, and finally 6 points. For each drawing you will be graded and all the grades will be taken in consideration when you finish the game, in order to offer you a final grade. What will be your final score in this cool drawing game, how about that of your friends. Try your hand at this fun game and compete with your friends to see who's the better one at drawing shapes. Enjoy many other coloring games online for kids in the Coloring Games Category.


Use the mouse and click to place the corners of the shapes.

This game was added on 05.08.2014 | Was played by 1151 times

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