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A new kind of bowling game free to play, this time is inspired by the famous series from the Cartoon Network channel, this one is called The Flinstones Bedrock bowling and it lets you play bowling in the old way from the Stone Age. In this fun game, unlike the usual bowling game, you must use both the keyboard and the mouse. The first step in this game, is to choose the positioning of the rock ball by using the left and right arrows. Then, after you've decided on a position, you need to use the mouse to press the OK button in order to finalize the position. After that, you need to quickly press the left and right arrows from the keyboard in a consecutive order to make Fred Flintstone run as fast as he can. When you reach the bowling lane line, you must be careful to release the ball when Fred steps on the line, so you will receive some bonus points. To release the ball you must press the spacebar. Try your hand at this bowling game and help Fred practice his bowling skills in order to win at the next tournament. Try other ball games that you can find in this category and try the other games categories as well, in order to find the games you want and enjoy playing.


Use the keyboard and the mouse to play this game as instructed above.

This game was added on 28.07.2014 | Was played by 1811 times

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