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Game description SONIC ATV SNOW DRIVE

This ATV game is called Sonic ATV Snow Drive and it is a fun racing game with an ATV featuring the blue hedgehog named Sonic. This game was brought to you by Toon Games for Kids like some of the other game in the same category. The game is part of the Sonic Games Category where you can play various Sonic racing games, car games 3D, colors games and even Olympic games online and free. This game as well is online and free and it can be played by you and your friends whenever you want to. In this game, you must use the arrows from the keyboard to steer and balance Sonic as he rushes to complete all the 7 levels of snowy mountain trails. Your mission is to make Sonic the Hedgehog reach the finish line of all the mountain trails without crashing or losing too much time. You also need to collect as many golden rings as possible for a better score. Try out this fun Sonic the Hedgehog game and enjoy the many other variety of games, from Barbie games, drawing games, coloring games to detective, logic and even scary ones and more, all available online and free.


Use the keyboard to steer Sonic on the snowy mountain.

This game was added on 12.08.2014 | Was played by 1463 times

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