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Game description SPEED AND CRASH

Another fun little game where you ca your friends can play together even if at various places. This fun little game, can bring your together with other players and in it, you can race and crash while going over hills and even chat at the same time. The game is fairly simple as it is still in development, you first need to write down a nickname that you want to use at the top left corner of the game screen and then you can choose a vehicle from the two available at this moment, the Simple Powerful Car or the Funny Forklift one. To drive this cars, you can either use the WASD keys or the arrows, also called directional keys, and when you are with the forklift, you can use the R key to Lift the Fork and the F key to lower it. Try your hand at this fun sandbox like games and enjoy playing together with your friends or total strangers. This game can be found in the NFS Games Category where you can also play numerous Need for Speed movies inspired games such as speed race games, hot pursuit games and even car crash games, all for free and online.


Use the keyboard to play this game.

This game was added on 15.09.2014 | Was played by 1147 times

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