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Game description CATCH THE WITCH

Catch the witch in one of the newest witch games online today for free and start earning some points in each level. The evil witch Xandra has escaped from her magic prison and she is up to no good again. It's up to you to make sure she is caught again and taken back to the dungeon before she does something evil. She is a fast and clever witch so it's not going to be easy to get her. It is going to keep on getting harder and harder to catch the witch as your progress through the game because she will keep on getting faster and faster so you will need to do your best to get her on time. Play the game with all your friends and family and work together to find the witch in each round of the game and get points to advance to the next one. Play the game online with all your friends and start having some fun in this magic universe filled with witches and witchcraft. Play the newest and best salem witch trials games online today for free and enjoy your time in all the fun fun witch levels. today. Good luck!


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 02.07.2014 | Was played by 1752 times

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