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A new flying witch game where you can soar through the skies on a broom alongside a real witch. This game is called Halloween Flying Witch and it is a fun little game that lets you help the real witch gathers items form the sky, but you must be careful not to hit the clouds, incoming rockets or the buildings or you will lose a life. Try to pass all the levels and gather all the items without losing all the lives. To play this game, you must use only the arrows from the keyboard to move the witch on her broomstick. Have fun in this new game here in the Witch games Category and enjoy other similar games and more, such as witch dress up games for kids, Harry Potter games and other wizard adventure games which you can play online, for free. Enjoy the fun new games and find the ones you prefer. Gather your friends and play together with them or even with your family, the many games which you can find here on this website. There are over 5000 games waiting for you and your friends to play, and somewhere there is a game that is just for you.


Use the arrows from the keyboard to move the witch.

This game was added on 16.07.2014 | Was played by 1625 times

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