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Another fun puzzle game together with SpongeBob, this one is called SpongeBob Virus Infection and it was brought to you by 2P Games right here in the SpongeBob Games Category. The game is fairly simple to understand, you have two types of sponges which you must differentiate against, the first one is the normal healthy one which is bright yellow and the other type of sponge is the sick one which is more dirty orange then yellow. At each level you have several boards and 5 hammers. You job is to make the healthy sponges fall or roll into the big crate at the bottom of the game screen and keep the sick ones away. For each level you only have 5 hammers, meaning that you can destroy a maximum of 5 boards. Use these wisely and don't forget that you can use the sick sponges to push the healthy ones into the crate. In the same game category, you can play many other Spongebob racing games, baseball and painting games and even cooking games, all free to play and online for everyone. So if you're a fan of the cartoon series from Nickelodeon called SpongeBob SquarePants, you will most likely enjoy this fun new games fro this category.


Use the mouse to click on the boards and make the disappear.

This game was added on 12.09.2014 | Was played by 1557 times

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