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Spongebob fighting is one of the best nickelodeon games that features a kombat style gameplay and you can now play it online on www.g9y9.com for free! If you like playing fighting games then this is going to be one of you favorites for sure because it features all of your favorite characters from the show and you will get to have a great time fighting your way up to the top of the championship. Pick your favorite character from the show and start training through the tutorial until you feel ready for your first match. Try different combinations of keys until you learn all the special moves because these will be of great help to you in the later matches where you will meet stronger and faster opponents. Do your best to win every fight because only once you win a fight you can advance to the next one and face your next opponent. Try to perform as many special moves as you can because these deal more damage to the enemy and you will win the fight a lot faster. Play the newest and best sponge bob games online with all your friends and with all the fighting tournaments.


Use the keyboard to play this game

This game was added on 03.07.2014 | Was played by 1771 times

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