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Game description TOY STORY TRUCK

Test your driving skills with the latest game from the Toy Story games category called Toy Story truck, a game brought to you by In this category there will also be more Toy Story truck games and some more Disney games that you can share with your friends and play together online in your free time. Have fun each time you have a little free time with our games and don't forget to visit us daily to play the latest games with your favourite characters. This game will test and will let you improve your driving skills because you will have to get the Toy Story truck at the end of the level without losing any toys. The truck is filled with toys and you will have to drive it over the obstacles and the toya that are laying on the ground without losing any of the toys it is carrying. You will have to be very careful, try not to get stuck and don't go fast. There is no timer so there's no reason to hurry up. Go slow and make sure all the toys get to the end of the level. Have fun and enjoy this game!


Play this game using the keyboard.

This game was added on 30.07.2014 | Was played by 1459 times

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