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A Hogwarts School of Magic game and at the same time a Harry Potter game, this one is called Hogwarts Staircase and it is a fun little escaping game and racing game at the same time. The game is part of the Witch Games Category and in it, you play the role of an ordinary student at the Hogwarts Academy of Magic which is still outside the dormitory, when the lights are out, after the imposed curfew. In this game, you must use the arrows from the keyboard to move around the staircase of Hogwarts and reach the highest levels, while at the same time, take care to avoid trap doors, suit of armors or getting your identification revealed by the prefects. Before you pass to the next level of the Hogwarts school, you must use the staircase but you must wait and be patient until it reaches the desired location. You can use the space bar to jump over objects and other obstacles. Try to finish all the 16 levels without losing all your 3 lives. Browse though the other witch and wizard games for kids from this category and try them out. Find the game that you like best.


Use the arrows from the keyboard and the space bar to play this game.

This game was added on 15.07.2014 | Was played by 1589 times

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