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Spongebob signed up for a drifting contest and you will have to go with him and make sure he wins it in this cute little game called Spongebob drifting race. This game was brought to you by Toon Games and it is posted in the Spongebob games category among many other spongebob racing games online, spongebob baseball games online and spongebob painting games online that you should also check out if you like this game. We post new games every day and in you invite your friends to join you on our website you will have a lot of fun playing them and the latest adventures with them every day. Spongebob is ready to start the race and he will have to collect a certain number of stars, make a minimum distance of drifting and to finish all the three laps in the given time if he wants to unlock he next level of the game. You will have to collect the turbo boosters to finish the game before the time runs out and it will help you drift the distance you need, but you will also have to collect the stars that are placed on the sides of the road.


Use the arrows to play this game.

This game was added on 25.08.2014 | Was played by 1568 times

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