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Game description COOP AND FIONA PUZZLE

Coop and Fiona Puzzle is called this one game, and it is part of the Puzzle Games Category. In this fun game, you get to play with your favorite characters named Coop and Fiona from the cartoon series Kid vs Kat. This cute puzzle game online for kids is one that will keep you playing for a bit as you try to solve it alone or with some of your friends. There is no time limit for this puzzle and you have a total of 36 pieces to arrange. Once you've found the right spot for one of the pieces, you will not be able to move it anymore. Using this feature, you can build up from the existing pieces and by going by the the image in the left side of the game screen. Try your hand at this fun free puzzle game online and look through the same category, you can also find there many types of mind games, logic games, jigsaw puzzle games and a lot more, all available for free. There are also tens of other game categories that you can look through in order to find the games you like best or you can use the search function if you have a certain game or type in mind.


Use the mouse to solve this puzzle with Fiona and Coop.

This game was added on 19.08.2014 | Was played by 1698 times

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