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Game description EYE SURGERY

Are you ready for another surgery game? This sort of surgery games are very fun and interesting to play especially for med students who what to study different types of surgeries. This sort of game requires a steady hand and a lot of patience to master. If you are already into medicine and surgery you aren't going to have any problems getting into the game. Med students will also recognize different eye surgery tools like irrigation probes, rotators and speculums. Well here's were our story begins. This young girl is having some problems with her vision so she needs some help from a surgeon like yourself. You don't need any previous experience because the game will explain everything very precisely. All you have to do is follow the instructions carefully step by step and prove that you have a steady hand because the eye is very sensible and every little mistake counts. Use the right tools for each procedure and everything is going to be ok. Try out different types of eye surgeries and practice until you can get the highest score. With your help our young patient will surely regain her perfect vision and will be forever grateful. Good luck !


Use the mouse to do the surgery

This game was added on 02.12.2013 | Was played by 3348 times

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