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Game description BRAVO AND ECHO PUZZLE

Disney's Planes animation has been a great success among children and adults alike, and so have been these fun puzzle games with the same theme. The name of the game is Bravo and Echo Puzzle and the image shown is that of the two valiant planes from the animation Planes produced by Disney. The game was created by Peque Puzzle and just like many of his other puzzle games, in this one you have as well 5 different levels of difficulty, from very easy ones with 4 puzzle pieces, then easy ones with 6 pieces, medium ones with 9 puzzle pieces, with 12 puzzle pieces the harder ones and finally the last one is the hardest one with 20 puzzle pieces. The gameplay itself is rather easy, you only need to grab and drag the pieces in the puzzle frame and if you choose to, you can even have helping grids in the frame, by pressing the Guias button at the top of the game screen. Try out all the difficulty levels and see how well can you manage with each. Once you're done with the game, you can also try other jigsaw puzzle games online from the same category or you can go for more complex mind and logic puzzle games.


Use the mouse to play this game.

This game was added on 14.08.2014 | Was played by 1349 times

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