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Game description BLOONS 2

The second game in the series of funny puzzle games called Bloons, this one is named Bloons 2 and it is part of the Puzzle Games Category. In this game, your mission is to pop many balloons with the help of a monkey friend. this fun little game is a good way to spend some free time alone playing or with your friends and siblings. this game is quite easy but for some levels you need to think before you act because all the moves are numbered. In this game, you control a cute monkey with darts. You must tell the monkey where to throw the darts by using the mouse and holding the left click pressed in order to set the strength of the throw. This game was brought to you by Ninja Kiwi and it has 8 cool locations for you and your monkey and each has 12 levels that you must pass in order to unlock the next location. Have fun in this free puzzle game online and try other jigsaw puzzle games available in the same game category or play various mind and logic puzzle games. On the same website, you ca find tens if not hundreds of different types of games and thousands of games playable online.


Use the mouse to play this game as instructed above and in the game.

This game was added on 14.08.2014 | Was played by 1358 times

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