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Game description PUZZLE FROG

Have fun with the new Puzzle Frog game and try to give the start of a wonderful little game of puzzle.This game is part of Puzzle Games category, where we have a lot of similar games, very interesting and entertaining. If you want to check this game, or others you can click on http://www.g9y9.com/puzzle-games.html, there you will find many other word puzzle games, as well. Series of puzzle games on our site you can choose a lot of fun and educational games for children now no longer need to search for pieces of the puzzle home and wasting time trying to put them together without sense, because by the end you realize that at least 3 pieces missing. Now try a different style puzzle game more fun. Join frog and tries to help everyone to jump on water lilies. The game is to be able to get all the water lilies that you can go to the next level. Come and you will see how easy it will be. You should try several methods because the frog can jump in different ways but that will have you discover throughout the game depending on the level. If you manage to finish the game or want to change, you can choose all of our website more free online puzzle games that try them in your free time with friends.


Use mouse to play this game.

This game was added on 17.07.2014 | Was played by 1447 times

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