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Number games and fun mind games await you in this cool Puzzle Games Category. In this particular game called Fifteen Number Puzzle you need to arrange the numbers in the correct sequence to go from the top left to the bottom right in ascending order. The game was created by UChappy and Y8 and the gameplay is rather simple. This can be called a sliding puzzle game that uses numbers instead of images. You only have a free square out of the 16 squares in the game and you must use that, exchange it with different numbers and arrange the numbers from 1 to 16. This game needs you to use a logical way of thinking and your intuition and think before every move. Enjoy the newest free puzzle online games, right here in this game category and have fun trying to untangle them alone or together with your friends. You can also find various jigsaw puzzle games, mahjong games and word games, all for free. If you feel like playing some other kind of games, you might want to browse the many other types of games, from racing ones, Barbie ones, logic games to games that feature various cartoon and movie characters that are loved by kids from all over the world.


Use the mouse to slide the tiles and solve the puzzle.

This game was added on 13.08.2014 | Was played by 1425 times

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